2. i’m nineteen and still refusing to leave my parents place here in adelaide. i’ve been in this room since i was fifteen, and while it’s had about ten different makeovers, there are some things that will never leave. i’m torn between my child years and my adult life, and being the home of a mishmash of pink, soft toys, burlesque coffee table books and a fully stocked bar, i think my room shows this perfectly. my parents are gonna have to use a crowbar to get me out of this room.—vonmunsterr

    Haha! Well, good luck to you and your parents.xoxo


  3. Fourteen years old. Live in Miami, Florida. Harry Potter, Sherlock, Doctor Who. I consider myself an artist and I would not be able to go a day without music. I love my room, but I am looking forward to moving into my new home later this summer so i can make some changes. This blog has helped me gather ideas of what I want, more or less. Amazing blog, I love it. :)—lilylunalovegood


  4. ianthia

    This is an awesome collection of stuff.


  5. Out of all of the houses I’ve lived in, this bedroom was my favourite. I took this picture five and a half houses ago, when I was fourteen, and at the time I lived in Dubai (now I live in New Zealand.) I was into Green Day, Linkin Park, and Blink-182, and I hated school. My room was awesome, because it felt like it belonged to me within two weeks of moving in- I loved sitting on the window sill, watching the world outside.—n0t-all-who-wander-are-lost


  6. I am currently 17, I live in a small, boring town called Greensburg, which is in PA. I’m into cinema, video games!!!!, trying to start my own zine, and otherwise being an enormous nerd. My room is mostly awesome because of all the great art on the walls (as you can see) and how large it is!—barksandpurrs

    I have that same Lolita poster hanging in my living room now! So funny, I have never seen it anywhere else before. I love it.xoxo


  7. This is my dorm room from first year university. I was 18 and going to school in Halifax, Canada. Into reading, painting, tea, and figuring out how to not be horrible at sports. I spent a lot of time bouncing a squash ball off the ceiling of this room becuase it seemed like the safest surface. Originally, I took this photo to mail to my great-grandmother to show her the blanket she made and sent with me. Then I realized she might faint if she saw the messy way I make a bed! The bed was so cozy, there was a lot of flannel. —Submission from Kate


  8. im 18 and my friends describe my room as a giant marshmallow because of the brown walls i love making it smell nice with vanilla candles. i also love to collect owl figurines (at this point i have 22 in total, minus the jewellery pieces….yes i can see myself becoming crazy owl lady. Hope you like it :) - Danica


  9. My nest. A girls teenage bedroom is a projection of herself. Her comfort zone. Her warmth.—michelleprimiani


  10. Hey, Im 14 I live in Sydney i’m a guy i’m in to clothes and something that makes my room awesome is that all the girls that have seen my room say its “Amazing or that they want a room like it” so yea :)—Submission from James


  11. This is my room at present, me at age 22. I just graduated from college in May and I am lately feeling rather nostalgic since I am only here for the summer before I begin my adulthood for real. This is the last time I will live in this room, with all the stuff I’ve collected over the years. This is the place I feel most at home, compared to anywhere else. I will miss it for sure, and I’m glad I documented it before I move.—darlingdaintyfoot

    Adulthood never really begins. For certain people, myself included, adulthood is like a mythical unicorn or a UFO abduction, something you hear about but never experience for yourself.


  12. I spent 2011 studying abroad, living with a host babushka in Saint Petersburg, Russia. I thought it would be cool to also submit this teenage bedroom- the room I stayed in was my host Galina’s daughter’s room from when she lived there in the 80s and 90s. So, a soviet/post soviet teenage bedroom! All the stuff in it was wicked cool.. she had the Russian versions of lots of excellent disney movies as well as tiny, gilded leather books of poetry. And so many diaries and sketches and photos from her friends! As you can see, I brought Aloysius, my faithful bear/pillow whom I’ve had since I was 5.—darlingdaintyfoot

    This is amazing! Thank you so much for sending it in!


  13. the rest of my uploads didn’t work for some reason…. anyway, here are some more room detail shots. ahh confusion!—darlingdaintyfoot