1. Julieta’s room (2004) This is me and my teenage bedroom, now everything is different and I dont know where is my loved poster… The pink book its Lolita one of my favorite books when i was 15. I love the intimacy of your tumblr :) Greetings from Barcelona—julietasroom


  2. i’m emma and this is my room now but it’s been like this since i was sixteen. i’m from glasgow, scotland. i loved/love the libertines and maps and such. i guess it just represented everything i was and all the things that have shaped me in to the person i am today.—carvemyname



  4. hello, i am 19 years old from england. this is just a collection of my likes and memories and thoughts and any lovely things i find.—kitty-buttz


  5. My name is Natasha (gh0stlady), I am sixteen and I live in Florida. I’m into fashion, reading/writing, music, relaxing, and creating. My room is special to me because it pretty much reflects everything I love. Plus, I’m mildly obsessed with placing pictures on walls c:—gh0stlady


  6. i was 16 when my old room looked like this, and i live in pennsylvania. at the time i was really big into zebras and words (hence the white calendar definitions on the wall). i sort of miss this room, but my new one is a bit bigger and better!—blanknametag


  7. im savannah, 13, currently residing in north carolina. i like rap, shoes, paintball, makeup and new york. my rooms not the coolest but its pretty cozy. xo—ispitven0m


  8. Hi, I’m Sophia and I’m 18.  This is my room in Los Angeles, which I will be leaving in a week when I move to college in New York. I’m really into music so you can see my harps, guitar, and ukulele sitting in the corner of my room… all which lie directly underneath a Harry Potter poster I’ve had since I was seven.  A collage of many crazy things decorates the walls beside my bed, which include: Van Gogh painting prints, a Keep Calm poster, a map of Middle Earth, a map of Westeros, and various pictures of me and my friends, the Spice Girls, Adele, cuttings from Vogue issues, things like that.  If you look closely you can see my little dog which I rescued from the pound lying, as he usually does, in his bed underneath the window.  My favorite things about my room are the hanging heart cut-outs from an old damaged Harry Potter book, which sway in the wind underneath my doorframe, my self-collaged jars which I keep my lotion in, and the collage of everything that makes up me from my social life to my personal thoughts and dreams.  This room means a lot to me because I use it to escape from crazy life in LA, and I’m really going to miss it when I move next week.—visionsofpetrichor


  9. This is my current room;  Teenage Bedroom the 7th. I’m 17, and I live in Wellington NZ. At the moment, I’m really into travelling, and I just came back from an exchange year in France so I have my world map with all the places I want to go, and then below and to the sides are pictures of my friends and host family from France. The quote above in English means “Look at the time that you lose,” and is a quote from a Mika song called Elle me dit (she told me). The reason my room is cool is cause it’s kinda like my visual diary (or, well that’s what my Mum calls it) of everything that makes me happy; it’s my happy place, and there’s no place else I’d rather be.—n0t-all-who-wander-are-lost


  10. How old were you? 17
    Where do you live? England!
    What were you into? Travelling & Reading
    What made your room so awesome? Books :-)—Submission from Kelly


  11. Hi, I’m Mimi from Germany. I just turned 17 when I took this photo of my room. I was heavily into the 1960s as you can see. I loved listening to my thrifted LPs and I dressed like Marianne Faithful but with crazier hair. My walls were mustard yellow and I had ugly green curtains from the GDR, I loved it. Now I’m 21 and live in my own appartment, but I never managed to give it the ’60s vibe my awesome teenage bedroom had.—wouldntitbenicetobedoriangray


  12. Hey I’m Anna and I’m 16, still. I live in Ontario Canada and I’m into xc running, mountain biking, mountain climbing and xc skiing. I love my room now! just remodelled it and painted the walls. Got my ski boots right above my head right behind my bed and my skis leaning in the corner by the mirrors. Theres one empty wall left that i want to turn into a small climbing wall. just need to buy the rocks first. My rooms is my home:)—b3avty


  13. ivingthedream-insideanightmare

    This collage is AWESOME!


  14. I was 18 (still am). I live on campus at Arkansas State University. I’m into art, design, photography, and interior design. My room is so awesome because it’s me. My room is pretty much a tour of my skull. It’s all over the place, but full of lights, wonder, and color.—5ydneyzane


  15. This is the bedroom I’ve had for the past four years (ages 14-18), though I am moving soon so it won’t be mine for much longer. I currently live in British Columbia, Canada. This is the largest bedroom I’ve ever had, as well as the one I’ve had the longest. I am a music lover and bassist, so my room is filled with instruments, posters, and vinyl records. I’ll miss this place once I’m gone.—intimetovoices