1. "These photos are taken of my room when I was still 17, although it hadn’t changed much since I was 12 or 13, except for perhaps gaining more "stuff." This picture perhaps best shows me as a person, I was deeply into comedy, indie music, books and horse riding. 

    I am still a desperately cluttered person, and infact back in this room now on the cusp of turning 20 (although only temporarily). You can’t quite see my bed in this picture, but it had spotty bed covers and masses of soft toys on it still. All the walls were different colours, it was a bit of an explosion, but a cozy one. I used to love my room. I miss having my own space, and just as soon as I move out again, i’m getting out the pictures, the paint and the fairy lights. (If you click through, you can read a lovely little blog on the room by a friend of mine.)—Theshamblehouse

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