1. "Hi! I’m french, you can call me Mimi, this was not really a bedroom, it was also a part of my living room in my tiny flat, but I was still a teenager. I’m 24 now, and I feel kind of nostalgic of this place, the parties we’ve made there, the people with I used to chill out there, listening to music, and smoking some weed. I hadn’t a computer or even a dvd player, just a cd player, an old VCR and a really tiny tv which were in my parent’s house, and a N64 (and an illuminated stars globe). It was often messy but it smells good. Even if now, I live in a more decent place, with all the comforts people "need", I miss this place. I miss its authenticity."—Email submission from Mimi

    Mimi, please send more pics! This is great.xoxo

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