1. "I’m 17 and I live in Cornwall. I like music, the sea, writing, art, travelling and fashion. My room represents me—especially the collages. I wanted my room to be unique and interesting so I’ve got lots of ‘junk’ from around the world. These are things I’ve collected and people have bought back for me from New Zealand, Japan, France, Poland, Spain, Italy, Russia, India and Greece and there are also reminders of experiences - festival and train tickets, photographs and maps. It’s secluded from my family because it’s in the attic and I have a view of the town and the sea from my windows. I love having my friends over and playing music because it’s quite a big room. I’m moving out soon and I’ll really miss it!"—Thedangerousgirlsguidetolife

    I’ve been to a few places in Cornwall before, it is so beautiful! Such a lucky place to live.xoxo

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